(Strong Independent Women On Their Grind)

(Welcome To Ladies Making Moves)

Our website was created for strong, independent women to acknowledge each other and to provide a stable outlet for these women to network and grow. There are so many talented women out here in this world, but there are very few websites available that are dedicated to women only.

This website is to acknowledge women in the underground music industry, small business owners, actresses, models, radio show hosts and more. We want our site to be used as a outlet for all of these women to network with each other, grow together and build relationships that could help push each other further . This is our home so welcome Queens! Enjoy and network with each other

The idea for this site was first thought of through our face book group

ladies in bus Banner byFB-Khyla1

Click On The Photo Above To Join Our Facebook Group

  (we welcome all ladies to join)


enjoy checking out everything these queens have to offer lets continue to build and grow together as women 


  1. This is great cant wait to work with you. I will be sending info asap.
    Sending nothing but blessings 🙂

  2. This is awesome. We as women are often lost within the confiments of the “men’s” world.

  3. There are no words to express how PRECIOUS you really are! Such a GENUINE spirit, I love you to end. Thanks, for all of your amazing SUPPORT! Ms.P~

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