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About Olivia

Olivia Gilmore was born and raised in Hollis, NY to a family comprised of mostly musicians. Naturally Olivia has been singing from the time she could talk. Her first solo performance was at age 5 and she had her first recording session at age 8, recording a jingle in her father’s home studio. From there Olivia went on to record background vocals for Gospel artist Nancey Jackson on her single “Free (yes I’m free)” and even performed live jazz at P Diddy’s restaurant “Justin’s” at age 16

As an adult Ms Gilmore recently began pursuing a professional musical career in 2012 when she released her debut single “Over It”. Since then, she has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Russell Simmons, Salt of Salt N Pepper, Fred Da Godson and many other up and coming artists like herself.

Olivia Gilmore recently released her latest single “G Lovin” and is currently working on her debut album which will be released in late 2013. Ms Gilmore’s music can be heard on a variety of Internet radio shows and mixtapes across the US as we’ll as many sold out clubs in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx

For all business inquiries or to find out more about Olivia Gilmore see contact info below:


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