❤ Tammie T. Bell-Davis ❤ ‏ (poeticdesigns)

ImageTammie T. Bell-Davis has always been inspired by creativity and imagination. At the age
of 16 she began writing poetry to deal with a heartbreaking loss. Poetry became her comfort
in a growing world of uncertainty; it was through poetry that became her way to express her
feelings. Her poem YOU was featured in Cream Magazine and published in a 1997 Poetry Guild
Anthology. As time passed Tammie found another passion, a passion to create unique gifts.
Tammie’s first personalized gift was a framed personalized poem. From there the Poetic Designs
seed was planted and grew, Poetry Gift Baskets, Pillows, Centerpieces, Gift Favors, Invitations,
Delicious Baked goods and more. You can find her work on her website: poeticdesigns.net

In 2009 Tammie took her love of poetry to another level and started her own social networking
site: poeticdesigns.ning.com . The site was created for the likes of all creative minds to come
together to Showcase, Network & Shine. A ‘home’ to creative artists of all arts as Poetry, Music,
Dancing, Designing, Art, Hairdressing, any and all things creative. Tammie’s mission is to bring
people together and vibe off each other’s talents thus making the creativity grow even more.
She believes people can feed off each other and create beautiful chemistry. Tammie would also
like for Poetic Designs to be a scouting ground for industry scouts to find talent of any genre.
Creativity is the key to living life to the fullest and Poetic Designs want to showcase that talent.
PD is not about Tammie…it’s about the people who have a love and passion for what they do.

2012 became even bigger for Tammie as she was offered her own BlogTalkRadio show called Poetic
Designs Radio under the 6thManRadio umbrella of creative genius CEO The Bad Seed aka Niggaliscage.
Tammie aka Ms. PD on PD RADIO is joined weekly, every Tuesday night from 8-10 pm Est. with her Co-
Host Black and together they offer listeners a refreshing show of Real Talk, Music and Creative Artists
Spotlights. Under the 6thManRadio team they have well over 200,000 listeners worldwide. You can
listen to all their past and present shows at: pdradio.site40.net

For 2013 there is no limit to what Tammie will do with her Poetic Designs brand. She is definitely one to

Contact Info:

Email: poeticdesignttb@aol.com

Gift Website: http://poeticdesigns.net

Radio Website: http://pdradio.site40.net

Social Networking: http://poeticdesigns.ning.com


Twitter : @poeticdesigns


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