❤ Diva ❤ ‏

ImageHello Folks my name is Diva huge music lover and heavy promoter to all DJ’s and legends. I have found the love for music when i was at the age of 7 years old when my dad introduced me to 2 turntables and vinyl records. I kept using music as a remedy for everything that i did in life and til this day i still do. Then at the age of 15 i modeled for mundo hispano back then it was a hispanic newspaper who presented news and entertainment. then at the age of 17 i started dancing as a B-Girl i was always with the music in my heart but loved to dance in contest and clubs. As time went by i pursue more into music by listening to DJ Kool Herc and Kool DJ Red Alert, Kid Capri and Scott La Rock and many many others. Through out all these parties that i attended i always managed to promote anyway possible for the world to enjoy it as much as i did. I was always fond of making music so i continued to play instruments like the drums and the flute. I always kept myself well grounded around music to keep the music in my heart alive. Right now at the present time i am Manager to BlenderzInc and manage the site as well as scheduling of DJ shows on a weekly basis. I started a year ago playing music live with a music controller of NS6 with my laptop it’s been well over a year of me playing music on a NS6 but have picked up very quickly on transitions and beats. I now am a manager to DJ Smoothblendz and DJ Billy Bronco. I take the time to plan events and schedule gigs in the process. I work with DJ’s like Eddie B Swift and many more. On a music level i have been in and out the game for more than 20 years plus and love very minute of it, would not give it up for anything in the world. Music is the key to a sublime soul, there are songs that can make you smile and cry it’s just all for the love of music. May the music live in all our hearts!! ♥

P.S Anyone who is interested in picking up a few things on music promoting and i am free to teach as well. God Bless..
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mz-d1va TUNE INTO THE DIVALICIOUS SHOW EVERY MON & FRI AT 6PM


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