Epiphany Renee

ImageEpiphany Renee Born June 15, 1987. She was born in Pensacola, fl but
 grow up in Jacksonville, fl. Epiphany loved looking through all types
 of magazines and ads and that’s how she got inspired to model. She use
 to collect magazines and put together colleges of different styles
 that she wanted to do and put her own spin on them. She landed her
 first photo shoot on March 8, 2008 and has been modeling since.

ImageShe is
 still growing as the years past and is trying to break out into the
 world with her own look. She has been featured on a few websites,won a
 bikini competition, and have done promotional work for different
 venues. Epiphany goes by the name of karma Belle which stands for
 beautiful karma in French. This names fits her because she is a
 beautiful karma to all the people she works with. She becomes a
 photographer, designer, stylist, etc muse and bring all of their ideas
 to life. She is small but her confidence and ego believe they’re 5’10.
 She photograph taller. She can also walk in the highest heels you give
 her. Epiphany says she live in her stilettos. Epiphany will continue
 to better herself as a model because she knows there is always room
 for improvement and she is surely on her way to achieving that.
 Modeling is not her only dream she is in school getting her bachelors
 in Early childhood education and plan on using that to own a daycare
where she will help teen moms and
 low budget families and also become a social worker to help abuse kids
 find better homes.Epiphany has all of her goals mapped out and using
 her 2 yr old son as her motivation with the support of her family and
 friends she will achieve these goals and live out all her dreams.

 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karmabelle25/info
 Twitter: EpiphanyRenee
 ModelMayhem 360552
 Email epiphanyball@gmail.com

The things I have done:

 Bikini Competition
http://wickedweasel.com/en-us/contribut … 1620-renee  (sep2008-present)

 Model Spotlight
http://www.urbanmag-online.com/models/epiphany.html  (nov2008t)

 Feature Girl
http://www.sftsports.com/  (oct2008)

 Action Events & Promotions (sep2008)
 {Promoted Vault}

 Creative Magazinement Group
 {Did a wine tasting} (may2009)

 Feature Model
http://youngsocietyent.webs.com/models.htm (march 2011-present)

 Feature Model
http://www.divadymes-models.com/ (June2012)

 Raising star

 Published in HFL(hustlers for life) magazine (July2012-August2012)

 Back to show hair show for “The hair diva” (August 2012)

 Runway show “Night Of Fashion” Jacksonville, fl st.johns town center

 Published in Certa Magazine (October 2012)

  Kloset Karma fashion show Jacksonville, fl Big Kahuna  (october2012)

 Original Piece fashion show Jacksonville fl Whiskey Rivers (October 2012)

 A Night to remember fashion show Jacksonville, fl Suite (November 2012)

 Fashion Evolution Jacksonville fl Marks (December 2012)

I have done 3 music videos for local artist that have not been
released stay tuned for those on my social medias.


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