“Just try … the worst that can happen is an agency doesn’t call you back but another one may” was the last thought in LeBelle’s mind when she decided to quit her job in the legal field and pursue her dreams of modeling. She knew it would allow her the creative freedom she wanted, the voice she needed and allow her to make my own schedule, travel, meet very interesting people and more importantly tap into her artsy side.

Now, with years of modeling experience, continued determination and a passion for fashion, LeBelle considers herself a Model Motivator. Although she is represented by an agency back in her home state of New York, most of her achievements have been accomplished through her own efforts. To make it this far as a model she has followed the notation that it is always best to bring more to the table then just looks. ” Whenever someone asks me for advice on being a model I always tell them to make sure they are about beauty, brains and business. Just keeping that in mind will get you far”.


After noticing how far she had come in the industry and how far she could go she decided to spread her knowledge with other people through a fashion blog. “The main goal of the site is to show people from all walks of life the true definition of being sexy”. Now with a growing panel of contributors and editors LeBelle’s website called Lebelle’s Block has grown quite rapidly and keeps her on her toes.

In her pursuit as a model LeBelle has had the pleasure of being casted as an extra on shows such as, The Vampire Diaries, Single Ladies as well as The House of Payne. She’s had the pleasure of being in scenes with a few big names, read for a character in a pilot series, was a Vibe Vixen, has helped advertise for haircare companies such as Beemine Hair Products and has even been in music videos for new up and coming talent such as Votte Hall. She hopes to be able to continue her quest and inspire people to follow their own dreams. When she is not busy with modeling LeBelle loves to hang out with her family and friends which includes her dog, listen to music, watch funny movies and cook. She’s also a fitness junkie and loves to workout.

Stayed tuned for more upcoming projects by following her blog at: www.lebellesblock.com


Social Links

twitter @LeBelleTifi

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lebellesblock


Website/ www.lebellesblock.com

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