☆。✿。☆Billie Badazz☆。✿。☆

ImageBillie got into dance at a very young age 4yrs. to be exact. At age 8
 she would get the neighborhood girls together and choreograph dances
 to Madonna’s first tape. Then she would make the neighborhood boys pay
 to get in the backyard where she gave them popcorn and performed their
 dances. That is her favorite memory of dance. Billie’s distinct style
 is free style break~dance, she incorporates a lot of different styles
 in one dance the popping,the tutting,footwork,groundwork,


 pirouettes.She studied you~tube tutorials to learn these styles of
 dance. Billie likes Free~style the best it is when she is most free to
 let all emotions out.When her husband passed away at age 25, dance
 really did help heal her soul.Her upbringing on the Westside of
 Youngstown was great, she danced in the backyards with all the
 neighborhood kids,she remembers always making up dances her whole
She has a brother John who is also very talented in song
 writing,rapping and now on to photography. They have great parents
 who are very supportive. Billie’s drive and never give up attitude is
 what makes her strong and her inpatients is what stresses her out. She
 also likes to make her own beats recently she got fruity loops so she
 can start working on that. D.j BMV~ Grimmy grooves records has made 2
 songs with billie badazz when they finish the third song it will go
 out on his record label “BILLIEBADAZZ VS.BMV” is the name,so be on the
 lookout for it. She has also written several songs . Billie
 has modeled for beachoazz clothing line and Tia’s Dance wear. Andy
Boyd , David Vickers and John T. Simpson. (Photographers) She was even
in a couple movies and a commercial at 21yrs. old.
 Dance is her whole heart and soul, her passion in life.The music makes
 her body move and her soul feels it intensely. She is trying to get a
 grant so she can eventually get her own studio here in Youngstown and
 teach these kids for free (someday soon she will make that
 happen♥)That is her ultimate goal. She wants them to find something
 they love and make it happen, she wants them to know if they work hard
 enough they can do anything, achieve anything. She wants them to have
 confidence and self esteem build their character and be great! Most
 importantly she wants them off the streets away from the t.v and to
 stay out of trouble, give them hope that there is something more in
 life then poverty and drugs. She has wanted to do that for as long as
 she can remember…. and she will, She needs to make a difference. If
 she can help just one kid it will all be worth it. There are 3 things
 that complete her life, GOD, her family and dance. She is so thankful
 she has that. If she could give anyone any advise it would be this: No
 matter how hard or hopeless life can feel sometimes never give up,
 never stop believing and know things will always get better, without
 suffering there would be no compassion.
You make who you are so do not
 be afraid of that, love who u are and don’t ever let anyone tell u you
 are not beautiful….♥♥ Her love and passion for dance is undeniable.
 Billie edits and makes her own dance video’s with over 70 on her
 you~tube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/billieanzevino123
 Billie Anzevino~Aka~Billie BADAZZ, Ohio Hip Hop Award winner Best
 B~Girl 2010.
Billie took 2yrs(15yrs~17yrs.) of
 dance classes at Kathie’s dance village & gymnastics center. She is
currently teaching Hip/Hop at Ballet Western Reserve Company. Billie
 kids Hip~Hop/Break dance classes at The Classroom
 Aerobics,Austintown. She has also performed on stage, opening for
 several artist such as Ludacris (2006~back up dancer for Lucky Penny)
also Paula Deanda,Tiffany’s Affair),Bone Crusher(2011),Young
 Buck(2011),Slum Village(2010),Trina(2011),

Tiesto(2007) and Ned
 Shepard(2010).Billie has also acted and Choreographed several Music videos
Social Media Links
Email : billiedancer1213@gmail.com

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