✸✹Full Figured Fierce✹✸


“Full Figured Fierce” is currently a facebook page that is growing into a worldwide movement for curvy women
everywhere. It started when Ms. Dionne Reeves-Grubbs, a full figured model from Alabama, decided that it was
time to inspire not only Full Figured Fierce women, but women in general, to love themselves for who they are…
not what society thinks they should look like. Dionne’s vision of FULL FIGURED FIERCE is to help other women feel
CONFIDENT about themselves, and who they are. She understands that the acceptance of this strength comes in
levels. The journey may be years in the making. But it is definitely a journey worth taking when the outcome is
women loving themselves and embracing the healthy image they see, even if it’s not a size 4. All women need to
know that they are beautiful, and they should appreciate the diverse beauty they bring to the world’s stage.

All of these thoughts prompted Dionne’s desire to reach out to others in her community (women of all ages), who
struggle in seeing their size, their curves, their voluptuousness, as BEAUTIFUL! Dionne had absolutely no idea of
the impact this outreach would have, or of how many lives she would touch. Since its birth, in March of 2012, the
Full Figured Fierce site has been “liked” by over 5,000 facebook users all of the globe, and shows well over 33,000
people talking about it! These large numbers have caused Dionne to realize the enormity of this movement. In
turn, it caused her to build a team that will enable her to reach even more of the masses of women desiring a
positive place to share their beauty and be embraced and loved as they are. The Full Figured Fierce movement has
crossed age, race and even gender barriers. It started as a local based community page and has grown to touch
women as far away as the country of Nigeria!


Dionne J

Occupation: Founder of Full Figured Fierce and Full Figured Model



full body


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