“ChicaSimone” was born in Los Angeles, CA, by way of New Orleans, LA,
but have been an Atlanta, GA resident since 1994.

Having an extensive background in the Entertainment Industry, singing
and doing some promoting while living in Los Angeles, she chose to move
to Atlanta to pursue her singing career which did not go as planned due to
starting a family.

Over the course of many years, Chica decided to get back into the
Entertainment Industry since it was not only a passion, but in her
blood, so she chose to start her own Booking Agency called Book It All
Entertainment where she works with various talents of the Industry.

ChicaSimone and Darcas Macopson Flyer

Chica has been told by many people for many years that she had a voice
for radio, and in 2010 decided to create a show to reach out to people
called the “Let’s Get It All Out” show w/ChicaSimone. The idea was
pitched to an online radio network called ATL Web Radio where Chica
was immediately brought on board as an online-radio personality and

held 2 slots a week, 2 hours per show. The show is a blend of talk and
entertainment with featured guests.

After being with ATL Web Radio for a while, Chica had added 3 more
people to her show which gave the show a new name; “Let’s Get It All Out
w/ChicaSimone & The Crew”. The show had been sought out by an on-
air radio network, “Collabo Muzik” whom offered Chica an opportunity
to go on air with Collabo Live 106.5FM. Chica accepted the offer and
brought the crew with her and had held 2 slots a week, 1 hour on Friday’s
and 2 hours on Saturday’s with Collabo Live 106.5FM Atlanta, which was
also heard in The Bronx, 107.3FM and Miami, 92.7FM. The show went
from 4 personalities down to just ChicaSimone yet inviting guests on as a
“Special Guest Co-Host”.

ChicaSimone has re-vamped her show and is now looking to work with
other radio networks. Currently, the show will be going LIVE to different
venues and traveling. Chica decided to bring on board a permanent co-
host to compliment her in the show, and now the show is called; The
“Let’s Get It All Out” Show w/ChicaSimone & Darcas Macopson. Darcas
Macopson is a very talented Actor who brings added flavor to the show.
While Hosting various events, and the “Let’s Get It All Out” show,
Chica continues to run Book It All Entertainment, as well as work with
other Industry related individuals with their projects, along with several
foundations to “Give Back”, which is the ULTIMATE goal for the “Let’s
Get It All Out” show and Book It All Entertainment.

Chica is an advocate for wanting to help others and Give Back, and looks
forward to working with so many wonderful and positive people.
ChicaSimone With Collabo Live 106.5FM
Book It All Entertainment
1740 Hudson Bridge Road
Suite 1097
Stockbridge, GA 30281


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