ImageJ SASS fell in love with Hip Hop very young, the art of rap became an interest at the age of 12. She started writing but was not confident so she took the time to learn to perfect her craft.  The 1st song she ever wrote to was, Salt-n-Pepa “Express Your Self”. J SASS knew she had to work hard and step my game up if she ever wanted to become a great female MC. 
The Musical Genius J-Sass. A True Jersey Girl EMCEE from Jersey City, New Jersey with a story to tell. A great mother, an extraordinary daughter and serious grinder, going for what she believes in. Living a positive life and letting people know music through the eyes of a women. Set apart from mainstream rappers and priding herself on being a real  hip hop artist who loves hip hop and wants to see it grow. J SASS wants a positive message taken from her music. Every time she touch the Mic she aims to kill. The industry as a whole needs to prepare itself for the Oh So Sassy, J-Sass a full package all by herself with the beauty and the brains. Music is her life, J SASS breathe, eat, dream, sleep and think rap. This is what she was born to do. Watch out world for the One & Only J Sass



Her Social Links


Check Out Her Latest Mixtape “The Diary Of A Female MC”



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