❃✸Jenna Marie Christian✸❃

ImageJenna Marie Christian is a  30 year old Author, Philanthropist, blogger and newly crowned pageant queen with a passion for people and spreading positivity from Chicago, IL

ImageAn alluring author, advocate and blogger with an angelic spirit doesn’t begin to capture the
essence of this ambitious young woman, Jenna Marie Christian.

Born Jennifer Marie Christian on Chicago’s Westside to the legendary blues singer Little
Johnny Christian and the beautiful Mary Christian-Jones is where it all started. Jenna Marie
realized at an early age through witnessing the impact of her father’s music on others and
her mother’s hard work as an educator and dedicated servant for the Lord that she wanted
to make a difference in the lives of others in every way that she could. “I am from the west
side of Chicago; A place where people don’t have many positive expectations for us. I was
determined to excel beyond those generalizations.” Jenna published her first book (You
Broke My Heart, Now Go to Hell) in 2008. Jenna wanted to use her personal story as a way
to spread the message of “allow every adversity to make you better and not bitter” to every
young woman across America and beyond.

Jenna Marie is known for her charismatic persona, kind heart, positive attitude, and radiant
smile. She is also notably recognized for being driven by her passion to help others. Her
desire to improve her community is shown through her countless volunteer efforts. Jenna
Marie can be found tirelessly working everywhere she is needed from preschools, shelters,
crisis hotlines, churches, to food drives. She also works as a member the Red Pump Project
Chicago, their mission is to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. http://www.theredpumpproject.com

Miss Christian is currently working on her second book and promoting the re-release of
her father’s music to honor his memory and raise money for cancer. She has also been
selected to compete in her first pageant with the Black Globe International Organization
and is now Miss Illinois Black Globe 2013. Although the career of Jenna Marie Christian is
just beginning, her main goal it to always help others anyway that she can, through writing,
advocacy, speaking, maintaining a positive attitude, and working harder each day to become
a better person.

Show your support by checking out her blog http://www.prettypositiveprosperous.com and

follow her on twitter: @1JennaMarie

You can also check out the music of Little Johnny Christian and help raise money for cancer
awareness by going to littlejohnnychristian.bandcamp.com

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