♡=♥=♡ New Spotlight ♡=♥=♡ Tonyelle R. Russell

ImageMeet Tonyelle R. Russell

Here’s to your health! My journey to ultimate health & fitness began when my mom got sick in 2006.
After countless brain surgeries, procedures, visits to the doctors, and being inundated with prescription
medications, God stepped in and begin to show us a new way. I told my mom explicitly, “NO MORE
MEDICATION!” A “long, lost friend” from college introduced me to Naturopathic Medicine and I began
the journey to health, naturally–with my mom.

After entering Medical School in 2009, I found out not only was I extremely ill, but there wasn’t much
hope for MY OWN CASE. Thankfully, GOD stepped in AGAIN and began to heal me through natural
medicines, homeopathic remedies and basic nutrition. This is the short of it.

I plan to dedicate the rest of my life, career and energy to helping people reach their health, fitness and
totally wellness goals! It can be mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing! This is my mission in
life! I thank God for blessing me to be on this journey & path–it has not been easy, but it isn’t that hard

ImageI am currently a 4th year medical student at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am also
a researcher for ASU-BioDesign Institute, 2012 Student Government Association President and Bragg
Scholar 2012. I am the former Executive Secretary for N-ACT (Naturopathic advocacy & education
group), Class Senator, President’s Council member 2012, and joint founder of the African-American
Naturopathic Medical Association and International Naturopathic Medical Association.

I would love to see people healthy, joyous and loving! My professional mission also includes educating
the planet on how to live more healthy, full and complete lives. I love Jesus and I thank HIM for
everything HE has done for me; not just in my career, but each and every single day.

I believe the body has innate ability to heal itself and becoming a Naturopathic Physician is–in part–one
of the keys to facilitating health in our society and beyond.

You can reach Her on linkedin:

 www.linkedin.com/in/tonyelle107 and twitter: @sweetladyt1908

and also check out www.internationalnaturopathicmedical.weebly.com


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