★•● New SpotLight ●•★ Seseley Monat J

ImageSeseley Monat J star began to shine at the tender age of 8 years old when she began performing in local talent shows throughout the city Jacksonville, FL. But the fluttering yet soulful kid from Atlantic Beach wanted and needed more. As years passed and the industry began to get more active in her city; a then teen-aged Seseley of Cuban and African-American descent began to evolve into the most perfect formula of natural vocal talent, distinctive beauty and desire to win. She worked feverishly on her voice, writing ability and stage performance. Although under-aged, she convinced a local showcase co-ordinator, along with the permission of her mother to allow her entry into an all adult showcase hosted by one of florida’s most famous record promoters.

ImageShe blew the audience away at the age of sixteen. A few short years later that same showcase co-ordinator and business man got wind of an independent label signing artists in the area and reached out to her and offered his recommendation. She auditioned and subsequently signed her first contract where she continued to develop her craft as an artist and learn the business. Since then she has shared the stage and studio with countless major recording artists, hosted her own FM radio show, appeared in feature length Films, Music Videos and most recently produced the Web Drama Series Realove of which she has the starring role of Jasmina.

She is currently working on her highly anticipated debut album to be released due out Spring 2013

  visit her website www.seseleymonatj.com






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