✨Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC✨


Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC is a business located in Cleveland, Ohio

Intimate Moments was established in December 2011 specializing in consulting services for entrepreneurs, small and medium
sized businesses. Our primary services will include market feasibility surveys, business plans, marketing
and promotional plans, trade shows, customer retention plans, grant-writing, operational reviews,
psychographic analysis, sales staff analysis, seminars and workshops. The mission of our business is to
provide our clients with business services that will help them become more successful in their business by
providing the necessary strategies and tools to increase their customer base and profits in the 21 st century.
To keep our overhead costs low, Intimate Moments Business Consultant & Marketing Company will
be located in the home of Audrey Marshall. The home is equipped with a meeting room, computer, fax
machine and photocopier.

However, the owner also brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the adult entertainment industry.
She also design adult novelty gift baskets, host in-home presentations for clients, host and market various
events throughout the city of Cleveland. In addition, Ms. Marshall will be adding other services to secure
the financial freedom of families with offering 24 hour roadside assistance, legal protection, vision/eye
care, and emergency coverage.


Ownership and Management
Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC is a limited liability company in the state of Ohio and
owned solely by Audrey Marshall. As the business expands, the firm will develop strategic alliances
with other companies to offer services to our customers and VIP members. Audrey Marshall will
be a college graduate in the spring of 2013 with a degree in Marketing. Currently, she is a Small
Business Management Consultant and will be receiving her Marketing degree from Cleveland State
University. Audrey Marshall has been a consultant for 2 years with specializing in small businesses
and entrepreneurs. Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC will initially only has one employee,
Audrey Marshall. Additional staff support will be obtained on a subcontract basis. Secretarial service
will be employed by hiring unemployed workers looking to re-enter the marketplace that have a proven
employability skills to meet the obligations of the position and the company.

Key Initiatives and Objectives
Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC is currently in the process of obtaining a bank loan to
finance the start up of brick and mortar business to hire employees and grow the business to help at-
risk or low-income families to become self-sufficient and free from financial burdens. Our key objective
during the first 12 months of operation is to develop a profitable consulting business and open up a
private social club to adults 30 and over to enjoy a night out with family and friends in a safe, comfortable
and private setting. To do this, a strong client base has been developed through networking with local
business leaders, business associations, affiliating with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and holding
seminars and workshops. During the first six months of operations five small business seminars and three
small business workshops will be developed.


Intimate Moments Business Solutions LLC
13526 Puritas Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44135
(216) 965-5136




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