New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight ☆ Trenity K. Washington

ImageTrenity K. Washington also know as Tren or Trey is 26 years old, and born and raised on the South side of Chicago. She has been fortunate to travel and meet many influential people, which has driven her to succeed. She received her bachelors in Psychology/Criminal Justice in 2012 (in the top 10 of her graduating class) and will be pursing her masters in the fall of 2013. Her long term goal is to receive her PhD and work with people with addictions, inmates being released from prison and youth. Her short term goal is to continue to grow and build towards her bright future. She currently works for one of the top law firms in the Midwest. She also manages an up and coming host, TV/radio personality and blogger. She has had many setbacks and struggles, but failure has never been an option; she is on her way. She is also a lover of fashion & music. She wants to meet and surround herself with women who are pursing their dreams, empowering, motivating, supporting one another and working toward accomplishing their goals. It is so much she wants and plans to do. With GOD, her drive and ambition, she knows  she can and will succeed. “I am loving this life journey I am on. I am the author of my own book, and each day is a page of many chapters to come. Look out for me, I am just getting started”. Xoxo



Her social Media Links

Twitter: exitosa25
Facebook: Trenity K. Washington

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