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Modern day young women struggle under the burden of shallow and inadequate role models that they are exposed to throughout society via: television, internet, smart phones, and tablets. This struggle exists from the bright lights of Hollywood California to the laid back beautiful riverside town of Decatur, AL. Generations of innocent young women are spoon feed vain and impossible to obtain goals for things such as: fashion, love, morality, education, and even self respect. Akayshia Estee Barbee (born October 30, 1991 {Age 20}, better known by her stage name: Kaybug has made it her goal to take on this challenge.

At age 20, Katybug founded her own group: “Imyounique”, the ultimate concept of this group was to positively use music through song, lyrics, and dance to become a positive inspiration for girls, young women, and adult women everywhere. The group is a columniation of everything Katybug has longed for since she first began dancing at Eight years of age. With “Imyounique”, she plans to raise the standard for modern day entertainment by producing: meaningful story driven passionate songs as well as boastful music driven energetic dance songs. All of which will lead to stunning performances that range from choreographed dance steps to hard-hitting freestyle dances that erupt with energy and passion.

A lifetime passion for dance, music and performing has lead Katybug to her desire to become an entertainer. In 2006 at age 15 she began her first dance group known as, Da Bama Girlz, they received millions of hits for dance routines on youtube which lead to performances at multiple venues and events. At Decatur High School from 2008-2010 she was a cheerleader, the skills acquired as a cheerleader to quickly choreograph and learn new dance routines have become invaluable in her dancing experience and teaching dance to others. From those early years that Katybug spent as a child growing up in Frekzantacha’s music studio amongst the company of song writers, DJ’s and music producers. Must have played a major part in the development of her own talent to DJ and write 0the lyrics to her own songs. Katybug sincerely hopes that her diverse talents along with unique skills developed over the years will combine to create a unique blend of singing, rap and dance that her fan base will admire.


September 6, 2012 was the date that Katybug held tryouts for “Imyounique” and immediately after forming the group they began to book events. And almost by accident one day at dance rehearsal she discovered that other members of the group shared her passion for music and singing. This lead them to combine their talents and skills to become more then just a Dance Crew. The Members of Inyounique include: Katybug – Age 20 (Rap, Dance, Sing, Song Writer, DJ), Latifa Nicole Houston, known as, La La – Age 26 (Dance, Sing, Song Writer, Some production), Katie Marie Smith, known as, Katie-Marie – Age 20 (Dance), Kita Davis, know as, Kita – Age 22 (Dance & Sing), Charity Watkins, known as, Chi Chi – Age 17 (Dance, Sing, Songwriter).

Recent plans include shooting a music video for the purpose of highlighting the groups unique dance skills and to simultaneously promote Katbug’s new promotional single entitled: “TrendSetta” which is a fun upbeat song that instantly makes you want to dance and join the party. “TrendSetta” is set to be released for purchase in December of 2012.

Music Video’s that Katybug has appeared in:
Kween Kash “Boom, Boom, Chap” (Hot Wax One Records) 2008
The Representatives “A-L-A-B-A-M-A” (Zeus Ent) 2007
One-T “Roll Ride” 2012

Recent Performances and events:
10-15-11 DJed “Save The Ta Ta’s” event for Breast Cancer at The Bench Warmers II in Huntsville, AL
10-28-11 DJed Halloween Costume party at Days Inn, Athens, AL
10-31-11 Danced for Lady Lace at RW Records in Birmingham, AL
01-28-12 DJed event for The MixShow at Club Xplosions in Decatur, AL
02-25-12 Danced the Opening Performance at “A Night of Giving & Fashion” sponsored by: Blaq Pearl Ent at Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL
04-07-12 DJ Decatur High School’s Prom at Ingalls Harbor Pavilion in Decatur AL
04-14-12 DJed Austin High School’s Prom at Ingalls Harbor Pavilion in Decatur, AL
05-08-12 DJed Blaq Pearl Ent event to raise money for the “Relay for Life”
05-20-12 DJed Riot Global Music Group’s Block Party in Decatur, AL
06-16-12 Danced at LWP Summer Fashion Show in Decatur, AL
07-07-12 DJed event to benefit the Decatur Huskies AAU basketball team at Carrie Matthews Center in Decatur, AL
08-04-12 Danced at Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta with Collizion Dance Crew and artist: O’so Krispie
09-06-12 Katybug held tryouts for Imyounique
09-08-12 Imyounique danced in Scot with one T’s music video “Roll Tide”
09-23-12 Imyounique performed for Dynomite Kid at Grind Nation Fashion Show, location Crossroads Music Hall in Huntsville, AL
10-06-12 DJed and performed at Jimmy Heart “All Ladies Rap Concert” to Benefit Breast Cancer, Hosted by: Joseline Hernnadez at The Green Room In Huntsville, AL
10-12-12 DJed Colour Magazine Release party at Mei Wei Asian Buffet in Huntsville, AL

Booking: (404) 884-8285 or ,
follow on twitter: @swaggbarbee
Instagram: swaggbarbee2



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