Torica (@Torica ) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


Torica Cornelius, known simply as Torica, is a singer/songwriter, born and raised in Columbia, SC. As a child, Torica spent years nurturing her passion for writing and singing, while developing the ability to capture the attention of others.

ImageThere are very few people who can say they have been Grammy-nominated before ever having a record deal but TORICA can. In 2002, she landed a collaboration with Geffen/MCA Records artist Field Mob, on their radio hit, “Sick of Being Lonely.”

After spending weeks on the Billboard Charts + earning a RIAA Gold Certification, + appearances on national television + ghostwriting + working with some of the biggest names in music, TORICA is ‘back for the first time’. Emerging as a solo R&B/Urban Pop artist, TORICA, is quickly proving that she’s a STAR.

ImageShe recently inked a deal with AOne Music Group, powered by multi-platinum producer AOne Beats. Since signing her deal, she has been busy shooting music videos, performing, & promoting her upcoming projects. Music critics + djs + digital media outlets + fans have given TORICA’s latest mixtape, A Perfect Mistake rave reviews since its May 1 release.

She is now gearing up for the August 4 release of her debut album, A Beautiful Mess.


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