Mia Gillette (@Sexymiabosslady) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


Model Name: Ms. NeVaeh

Promoter Name: BossLady WitDa OutCrowd

Name: Mia Gillette

DOB: 10/09/82


I Mia Gillette am promoter for OutCrowd Muzik and the Executive Assistant

for Trillion Dollar Ent, LLC. I am also the Chief Operating Executive of KCFreshchix.

I began my career modeling 2010 when I met the owner of FMI and he suggested that

I start modeling. I started my promoting career when I met the Co-CEO of NoLeaks

Records Yung Mic in 2010.

I am known for being professional, having high integrity, and been a leader in

the industry. The one problem that I am best at solving is recruiting other people for our

teams and promoting all music and events for our artist. I am a very friendly kind person

and because of my personality it is very easy for me find professional people to work

with. In the past I worked for Flawless Mafia International, TurfTones.com, Hunid Racks

I am currently working for KCFreshchix.com, Trillion Dollar Entertainment, OutCrowd

Muzik, NoLeaks, and I have also done album covers for local artist in the Kansas City

area. I am very passionate about everything I do. I love my career and work very hard at

it. Helping other people advance in life or their career is what keeps me doing my job.

Personally I am passionate about my 2 beautiful daughters more than anything

in the world. I enjoy being a mother more than anything in the world. I am extremely

big family person and they are my backbone in this business. When I am not promoting,

you can find me doing modeling for local artist, spending time with my family, or

just enjoying time with my friends. I have been promoting for 2 years now. I grew up

between Baltimore, MD and Kansas City, MO. I love doing activities and nonprofit

events that benefit children.


It would be impossible for me to give up doing my local promotions for artist

because it is something I enjoy doing. Sometimes people have a hard time talking to me

because I am a very honest straight forward person. I want to be remembered as that very


outgoing professional model that everyone enjoyed working with. If you are interested in

having a hard working, dedicated, loyal person promote your music or your events please

contact me at miagillette@live.com.


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