Lyrical Candy (@LyricalCandy) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

ImageLyrical Candy was born in Newark NJ, where artist such as Red Man, Queen Latifah, The Fugees and Naughty by Nature began there careers in entertainment. There is no doubt that music is definitely a part of the heart and soul of this MC. Embracing the stage with a combination of an Edgy Rap Sound and a touch of R&B flavor, Candy definitely proves that there are no limitations to where her music career will go. Called alternately The One Lady Crew, Lyrical Candy is touching the hip-hop community with a variation of flavors that will inspire many Hip Hop generations to come. Often compared to artist such as Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte,


Candy is definitely heading in the right direction to make her dreams become reality. Candy writes music which is inspired by everyday struggles such as heartache, the hustle of this hip hop game, love, hate, and motivation. Lyrical Candy is a well-rounded entertainer who can rap, sing, dance, perform spoken poetry, act, write and produce her own music. Her lyrics are truly felt by her listeners. She speaks the truth and from the heart. She is an artist that pushes her talents to the ultimate level. Lyrical Candy Hopes to not only become a rising star of the Heart of the Hip Hop Community but also one day own her own label, produce hit songs for other artist in the entertainment industry and Influence the future talents of America.


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