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Image Jamila Elise Gomez was born January 15, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois and is the youngest of three daughters born to Michael and Mary. Her family moved to St. Louis when Jamila was just three and lived there until she was six before moving to Lithonia, Ga, where she still lives. As a Spina bifida-born patient, Jamila has experienced quite a few challenges, enduring surgeries on her feet and back, as well as needing a shunt. Because of her physical limitations caused by Spina bifida, Jamila had to face difficult times in her social life, having to deal with verbal bullying from her fellow classmates.

Jamila has always had an interest in writing, even from when she was in elementary school. She wrote her first story in 3rd grade and her first poem at age 17 as a means of dealing with her grandmother’s passing, which occurred just one day before her senior year of high school began. A few years after graduating, she realized her talents lie in her words as she made the decision to major in English and take poetry classes while enrolled at a junior college. Jamila decided finally to make her love for writing poetry a career move. In the summer of 2010, she began working as a freelance proofreader. Following in her father’s footsteps in authorship, her debut book of poetry, “Pure Confessions Volume l”, was released in July of 2011 and received rave reviews. In November of the same year, Jamila released “Birthday Girl”, a novella she originally had no plans to have published. Gaining confidence from her family and friends, she went on to release “Pure Confessions Volume II”, “Pure Confessions Deluxe Edition”, and “My Sheree Amore”. Jamila also participated in a poetic anthology called “The Sisters’ Fight: A Poetic Anthology of Awareness” in 2012. By profession, Jamila is a copy editor and proofreader, freelance and for companies. She is also pursuing her Bachelor’s in English and University of Phoenix Online and is Chairwoman of SUT Page Turners. Jamila plans to own her own editing/proofreading company by 2013’s end.

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