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Tonisha Ramona is an interior stylist and owner/proprietor of Plush Interior Design. Her experience as a woman entrepreneur on her way to the fulfillment of a dream bigger than herself is not as simple as merely designing a plush home. A significant part of her design process involves helping clients express themselves through home fashion. In fact, if you look at some of her recent projects and get to speak with her clients, expect to hear stories of how life-changing it has been to work with Tonisha on their homes or business space.

ImageThis is because Tonisha’s design philosophy revolves around art as a form of self-expression.
“I find it almost impossible to consider any of my projects a success if I wasn’t able to touch the lives of my clients,” Tonisha said, adding how fortunate she feels to be able to run a business where she could engage in her passion for the arts, inspire people, and make friends in the process. Tonisha started making her mark in the creative world at an early age of 21. She considers everything she did since then as a step towards achieving her goals. Her stint in managing overseas and multiple state projects for world renowned designer Duncan Quinn was a learning experience that motivated her to pursue her passion. Many think that being an artist and entrepreneur at the same time is difficult because the two requires you to see things using a somewhat opposite perspective. Tonisha’s experience has always involved a balancing act between the two. Thanks to her talent and eye for aesthetics coupled with her business degree and practical experience in entrepreneurship, she is on her way to becoming a household name as an interior stylist and design expert.

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The key to her success lies in being hands on in every aspect of the business—be it on the
creative side or on the managerial side. On top of creating her own design concepts through a creative and self-exploratory process with the client, she also makes it a point to oversee their execution and implementation despite her busy schedule. She could even design and create her own marketing and PR materials, websites and newsletters in between, and do major tasks in other areas such as accounting, sales and human resource. How does she juggle all these, you might ask? Tonisha believes that there is no single formula. “What I know is that I am enjoying every minute that I devote to my work. I have to say helping people create a living space they could be proud of is my vocation,” she said.

Tonisha’s experience as an artist and entrepreneur is living proof of the versatility of modern day women making waves in the realm of arts and design.

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