New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight Cindi Martinez (@CindiUEGLadies )


Cindi Martinez, has a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Walden University in Minnesota and a B.A. plus 30 in Special Education from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.

She attended  Moorestown Friends School on a full tuition scholarship given to Camden City students.


Cindi  taught in the city of Camden for 18 years, she has been entrusted with over 240 young minds to mold. In the process, she have come across thousands of people that have impacted her life in one way or another.

Cindi Says” Each day is a challenge in the city of Camden. Each day, I worry

about each of my students and what they face. Each day, I ride into the city hoping to make a difference not on one child, but all of the kids in my school.”

Although Cindi is seeking a position in

administration, she is  currently teaching 6-8
the only teacher in the state of NJ chosen to participate in the Classroom Champions Program, a program that pairs Olympic athletes with classrooms around the country to instill in the students a new sense of pride and Olympic characteristics. There are 35 classrooms participating in the program in the entire United States.


In addition to teaching full time, Cindi was asked to join Untouchables Entertainment Group in August of 2012 as President of the ladies division of the company, UEG Ladies.


UEG Ladies

officially launched September 29, 2012. As president of UEG Ladies, it is her vision to provide women with a voice, a vision, and a place to network.

UEG Ladies mission is to provide exceptional service, growth, success and prosperity to everyone involved and to industry partners alike.

UEG Ladies believes in the creation of opportunities for UEG and all of its business partners by generating win-win situations.


UEG envisions that the best way to implement their mission is

through continued successful development and attainment of these opportunities.

Cindi also work as the promotional drive behind UEG Radio: Home of the Unsigned Artist,  internet radio show on that features unsigned/independent artists that are looking for free exposure and continuous support on a regular basis. Ueg promotes the artists that are on the show  via 8 social media sources which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite,
Path, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Linked-In. It is there hope to provide a platform for unsigned artists to  catapult to the next level based on UEG Radio’s support.

Currently, UEG Ladies and UEG are working on its biggest collaboration to date. Ueg were approached by Sandstock Music Festival to join the ranks in the 2013 Latin Freestyle Beach Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. UEG is promoting the event heavily, in addition to working behind the scenes to gather volunteers for the festival, which will benefit The Jersey Shore Relief Fund and The American Red Cross. UEG hopes this festival opens the door for more lucrative opportunities for UEG Ladies and the entire UEG brand.


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IG/Path/Tumblr: @Cindiuegladies



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