Whitney Simone (@MsWhitneySimone) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

Whitney Simone

Whitney Simone was born Feb 2, 1990 at the Medical center in Columbus G.A to Theresa Dowdell (Johnson) and Leon Dowdell. After her parents’ divorce she moved to Washington D.C with her mother and brother. While coming up Whitney Simone played numerous sports, was in the choir, and drew a lot.


She always knew she was talented and wanted to be a star. After graduating idea Pcs Military Academy in 2008 Whitney Simone went straight to college and linked up with a female friend to form a rap group called “Black Barbie”.The group members lost contact with each other but Whitney Simone continued to stay in the entertainment industry by focusing on modeling and dancing.  Alongside modeling and dancing she decided to try and manage an artist.
However, Whitney Simone would often find herself writing songs. It was Spring 2013   she decided to step into a studio and record. Ever since then Whitney Simone had been  in the studio making music, doing features with other artist, performing, and networking to further her music career.


Connect With Whitney Simone At Her Social Networking Links

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialWhitneySimone
Twitter https://twitter.com/MsWhitneySimone
Instagram http://instagram.com/OfficialWhitneySimone

Email bookingswhitneysimone@gmail.Com

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