Tina Richardson (@trich3512) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

Tina Richardson

Texas-born Tina Richardson is a busy Army wife who is a part-time Freelance Model. She is

a self-made sensation who always had aspirations of becoming a model, but being a military

spouse and moving throughout the United States made it difficult for Tina to follow her dreams

of becoming a model. Now, Tina is able to finally pursue her dream of becoming a Top Model.


Born in Ft. Hood, Texas Tina father was in the Army and she traveled all over the world as a

military dependent. She lived in Denver, Colorado and in Germany for 5 years. While overseas

in Europe, Tina traveled to numerous countries such as France, Netherland, Austria, Switzerland,

and Italy. As a child, Tina was exposed to European fashions, designers, and styles. By being

exposed to European fashions this is where Tina fell in love with the fashion industry.

Tina1Tina has been modeling since 2012 with experience in print, commercial, promotional, trade

show, convention, demonstration, beauty, glamour, editorial, advertising campaigns, hair

modeling, and some runway experience. She has been very busy over the past year and a half

with her modeling career. You can catch Tina as a regular feature model for Midwest Black Hair

Magazine out of Kansas City, Missouri and she has been in several other publications too. The

multi-talented beauty spends her time between Texas and Kansas.

In her spare time, Tina loves pursuing creative avenues with her modeling career, traveling, and

volunteering with military organizations.

Connect With Tina At These Social Networking Links

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ladyflyness

Twitter: twitter.com/trich3512



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