Tyler Noel (@mstylernoel) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


Tyler Noel

Hailing from Atlanta, GA by way of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tyler Noel is a

charismatic, spontaneous and direct Rhythm & Blues artist who has set out to create

music with a unique attitude, an emotional feel and an upbeat twist.

Tyler began singing at the tender age of five in the church choir. At the age of 12,

Noel began her professional music career when she joined an all girl group, Solo Tre.

The group was signed to acclaimed producer Derek Baker, also known as Bigg D,

who is known for producing Jamie Foxx’s hit “Unpredictable. Through the years and

many girl groups later, by the time Tyler was 18, the thought of being a solo artist

was burning in her mind.

beaterPSWith plans to attend college after high school, fate had different plans for Tyler

when she suffered a severe partially paralyzing stroke, which left her barely able to

speak at the age of 18. Her determination, love for music, her family, friends and the

support from her Father, who she credits as her best friend, allowed her to prevail

against the odds and continue her musical journey.

“Singing is a source of healing for me. If it’s not real, how can I expect other people

to believe it?” says the talented singer/songwriter. “I write and sing about my life

and that’s why my songs are instantly relatable,” says Tyler Noel whose vocal idol is

gospel icon Karen Clark Sheard. Tyler also adores all genres of music ranging from

Mozart and Bach, to Gwen Stefani and Sarah Mclachlan, to Donny Hathaway and


Tyler Noel will take you back in time with her music, but it’s not at all a nostalgic

effect: Her songs stay modern, catchy and feature all the attention to details and

balance that keeps her in step with the modern musical world. In spite of that, Tyler

still finds space to flirt with those elements that make her music truly special: a

great, old school synthesizer line, a tight kick…something you could find on some of

Giorgio Moroder’s best productions, just to offer an example.

If You Wanna Leave-Tyler NoelWhen it comes to the International Pop, Club, EDM and R&B music scenes,

everywhere in the world, these genres are absolutely filled with competition and an

over-saturation of music artist all looking to be heard by the masses. Luckily, every

once in a while, one true diamond comes out of that pile of rock. Tyler Noel is one

of those true, rare gems that shine for all to see with the brilliance of a high-grade

diamond the moment you hit the play button.

This Atlanta singer is quickly making a name for herself, by merit of her outstanding

performances and top class music productions. The sound is all about the warmth

and feel of old school synth and drum machines: lush, open tight, powerful backing

tracks, creating the perfect backdrop for Tyler’s distinctive vocal performances. Her

vocals can be bright, upbeat, catchy and cutting through the mix, but at the same

time, they can retain a unique soulfulness and a true R&B feeling. The unsigned

artist is gearing up to release her first EP and has had a smash single with “I Can Do

It Better” featuring a hypersexual duet with R&B sensation Pleasure P formerly of

Pretty Ricky. The song also features the production artistry of Lil Ronnie(Britney

Spears, Bow Wow, & R. Kelly)

With such a sound, Tyler Noel truly sounds like a star from the past, a diva of the

golden days, which somehow found her way to get here to our age through a funky

time machine!

Let the music do the rest of the talking and find out more about Tyler Noel, including

info on the latest music releases, photos, tours, videos and much more:

Connect With Her At

Website: http://www.mstylernoel.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mstylernoel

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mstylernoel

Email: kenyakreations@gmail.com

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