SKARMA (@stef_karma) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

ImageUp & coming female rapper from the Bronx. 22 year old S Karma has proved to be in her own catergory. Determined and dedicated to succeed for more than fame but to educate women & tell her life story. She uses her agressive attitude to defeat her competitors and capitavate the ears of her peers but also has a lady like emotional side that women world wide can relate to.


She writes music based off her feelings not in accordance to whats hot. Growing up in the 90s Karma was able to indulge and soak in all the hiphop & rap originated in NYC .


Rapper she favors Biggie Smalls , Jayz , Jadakiss, Rakim, Lil Kim, Remy Martin, along with many others …


Connect with her at these social networking Links





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