KAT RYAN (@thickmodels)New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

_RNY4861Growing up Kat Ryan never considered herself pretty, in fact for many years she wondered where girls like her fit in. Then, she became a teacher and a mother and it all became clear. Her job or purpose was to show her young daughters and her young female students that we all possess beauty both inside and out. To show them, we are all beautiful regardless of dress size, skin color or body type. She believes that our differences are what make us unique, they are what make us special. Unfortunately, it took Kat MANY years to grasp that concept.

headshotKat has recently lost 70 lbs and turned 40, all at the same time. Turning 40 was the turning point she needed, it helped her realize that life is short and she needed to take hold of it and embrace it, not only for her, but for her daughters. She is a role model to them, it is her job as their mother to show them that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. She is also the founder of a Facebook Weight loss group with over 300 members. The goal of this group is not to create “skinny” individuals, but rather promote healthy lifestyles and improve self-esteem. The self-esteem, Kat lacked for years. She didn’t intend to become a role model to so many, but she feels like it is her job to practice what she preaches and becoming a plus model does just that. It allows her to showcase the confidence she now possess. The confidence that she believes exists in all of us, if we only dig deep enough to find it.

_B7A2691Kat has recently been published in Queen Size Magazine (May 2014), Very Full Figured Magazine (April 2014). She has been named Petite Plus Model of the Week (on Facebook), has made two appearances on WPIX 11 News as a plus size fashion model and has recently been named a Queen Size Magazine “Hidden Gem” (June 2014)..Kat has many new projects lined up including a commercial and her very first runway show, she looks forward to even more career opportunities ahead.

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