Karma (@karmatheartist) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


As soon as you hear the music of singer & songwriter Karma who is based out of

Los Angeles, CA; you will quickly realize that not all Karma is bad. Karma describes

her style as R&B sprinkled with a twist of Hip Hop and Soul. Since the age of 7,

Karma who was born Paula Renee Joseph absorbed every ounce of music she heard

which eventually led her to embark on her own music career. Appreciating music

from artists who may not be number one on the charts all the time, Karma notes

artists such as Teedra Moses & Aaliyah as influences in addition to legends such

as Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Lauryn Hill & of course Aretha Franklin just to name

a few.

Karma HeadShot

Choosing to pursue singing was a serious decision for Karma once she

realized jaws dropping followed by applause when she would imitate her favorite

singers that came on the radio while she was growing up. Karma learned at an

early age that being versatile with music would lead to a well rounded career so

she immersed herself in to Jazz, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop plus Pop music to help

cultivate a unique style all her own.

Nicole Kelleher_Paula Joeseph_1

Karma realized early on that aspiring to be a great singer & songwriter is one thing

but building a solid music resume is another. With the goal to create music that

doesn’t have an expiration date & to become a brand that people can relate to more

so than just an artist, Karma jumped feet first in to writing, singing & production.

Not only has Karma been the back-up singer for several artists including Sharon

Maree, Steve Harris, Brooke Taylor, Sheena Player, Minh & Amber Melody; Karma

has also written songs for several artists exclusively under Heat Pharm

Productions when she was a songwriter.

Karma has performed at a number of

venues in Southern California including M Bar, Hollywood Bar and Grill, Cohibas

Night Club and Lounge, House of Blues, Waterfront, Hollywood Park Casino & The

Airliner. Karma released her debut project titled, “The Good Karma Project” which

includes  songs “My Room” & “Patient”
visit www.karmatheartist.com

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