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El-R Charis is a native of Chicago, bred and raised on the Southside.  El-R took her first creative writing class in an After-School program under the tutelage of Mrs. Leila BoNey.  During the program, this authors natural flair for writing became immediately apparent to the program director thus a friendship/ mentor-ship identity was formed.  This connection lasted throughout the authors formative years, until the untimely passing of El-R’s beloved mentor.

In addition to  her enthusiasm for writing, El-R majored in Commercial Art as an high school student, graduating from higher education with an AAS in Art & Design.

el5Throughout her life, El-R Charis has endured many obstacles in which she credits for fine tuning her craft with a keen level of detail; allowing outward projection of relatable material to her audience.


A Poet who expresses a lifetime of observation, harmony through conflict, and ultimately self acceptance:  This openly gay author utilizes words, artistic talents, as well as photography to lay out graphic depictions of the ups and downs of moving through society.  Motion in Poetry, the Web site at ElrCharis.com rallies the mastery of ideas embodied in the mind of El-R Charis: Words, Pictures, Passion.”

Connect With her at these Social Media Links

Twitter : @ElrCharis

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226934682

Instagram : https://instagram.com/el_r_charis/

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