Velarde (@realvelarde) ☆◦。★。◦☆ New Spotlight ☆◦。★。◦☆

Velarde3Hailing from San Diego, California and now reppin the tripple D, Dallas, Velarde is a driven, passionate and charismatic

artist with a unique approach to her blend of Hip-Hop.

Velarde4Velarde’s diverse musical background and tastes range from classic Rhythm and Blues to Contemporary Rock and Rap:

her kaleidoscopic personality allowed her to develop a sound that is all about connecting with the listeners through

high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and compelling vocals that echo artists such as Missy Elliottor Erykah Badu,

just to mention a few. Allow for her music to tell you the rest of her story…


Connect with Velarde at:

For inquires:

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