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Ms. Tauntanisha Glenn, Founder and President

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Tauntanisha Glenn is a native of East Saint Louis, Illinois.  Through determination and perseverance, she completed high school. Tauntanisha made the decision to pursue a degree while raising her family as a single mother and working for Verizon Wireless.  She attended Fontbonne Univerisity and attained a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2008 and recently completed her Masters degree in Education from Argosy University.

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Tauntanisha relocated to Atlanta, Ga. and continued to work for Verizon Wireless until her department was relocated to another.  With no desire to uproot her family again, Tauntanisha stepped out on faith and decided to follow her dream of entrepreneurship . Driven by the vision to help improve the lives of woman and girls throughout the nation, Tauntanisha worked diligently to make her dream of owning a woman’s boutique a reality.  In 2012, she opened the doors of Stitches Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessory boutique in the heart of mid-town Atlanta.

In 2012, Tauntanisha founded Educated Girls Rock, Inc. in an effort to enrich and empower the lives of girls, young women and women to further their education.  The ultimate goal of the organization is for girls and young women to understand and claim their power in life through self-awareness and their ability to be great.

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