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Melissa Holmes is a two domestic violence survivor turned advocate 6 years ago, after surviving her last relationship that almost claimed her life. She decided that after being choked within seconds of dying, she would start a non profit organization called Love Shouldn’t Hurt NY Inc., which originally started as a Facebook group in 2010, for domestic violence survivor and victims. She wanted to create a safe forum for others that needed help in leaving abusive situation, or just needed comfort in knowing that they were not alone. Since 2010 she has been strongly campaigning against domestic violence by paying forward in the community to try to assist with building healthy relationships. She has and continues to reach out to resources to continue to share whether it’s tv interviews, news interviews,


magazines, radio interview and being a motivational speaker, encouraging and inspiring others who are misunderstood or afraid to speak out. She guides them in a way that makes them understand it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s not there fault or anything they did to cause someone to abuse them.
Melissa has just launch a domestic violence seminar/workshop Oct 24th 2015 called “From Pain To Purpose, My New Chapter that has taking off into other city like New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Maryland to name a few. She just finished the last seminar for 2015.


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