Nina Nicole (@pinkcocainenina) ☆◦。★。◦☆ New Spotlight ☆◦。★。◦☆


Cleveland native, Nina Nicole, is an entertainer who has made a name for herself throughout the Eastcoast and Midwest as an entrepreneur, lyircist, writer, consultant, one of Cleveland’s most noted Radio Personalities, and founder of the Positivity Creates Progression foundation. Throughout her entertainment career she has held several nominations from The Ohio Hip Hop Awards. In addition to becoming Ohio Entertainment’s 2015 nominee for Business Woman of the Year,


Nina Nicole has also been the Proud recipient of The Female Inspirational award via The Cleveland, Ohio Music Awards, and recipient to several awards from Cleveland’s Rebel Army Radio Awards. Her most recent endeavor is the Pink Cocaine Boutique where she provides an outlet for fashion consulting and provides some beautiful threads for every body type that a female may categorize herself in. Pink Cocaine is her brand and it stands for nothing more than women empowerment. NINA NICOLE HAS ADDED ANOTHER TITLE TO HER RESUME. SHE IS NOW OFFICIALLY THE STAFF WRITER FOR WWW.QUEENOFTHERING.TV BASED OUT OF NEW YORK.
“Anything a man can do in this industry, a woman can do it just as well if not better!,” Nina says.
One word to describe Nina Nicole – Unstoppable.
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