Regina Robinson(@ReginaRSPeaks)☆◦。★。◦☆ New Spotlight ☆◦。★。◦☆

_DSC0141-2Regina Robinson is an award winning speaker, entrepreneur, author and Inner

Confidence Strategist who is widely known for engaging, motivating, and

equipping audiences with tools to unlock their inner confidence and soar to new

heights in their lives, careers, and businesses.


After years of teaching, consulting, and coaching in the educational field, Regina

built a platform where she provides education, strategies, and accountability

for women who are ready to show-up in their authentic power as they increase

credibility, visibility, and confidence as entrepreneurs, leaders, and career

professionals. She supports women in discovering and magnifying their internal

confidence so they show-up bolder and more assured in their businesses. She

helps them to confidently connect their vision to a plan of action plus execution

while holding them accountable to achieving their desired results as they step

outside of their comfort zone and move on to greatness.

Regina has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including

the 2016 Metro Biz Connect Business Leader, 2015 PTIO Woman Legacy

Builders Award from Cheryl Wood, 2015 Metro Phenomenal Women’s Award,

and the 2008 Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year


She has been spotlighted in Queens Magazine, and appeared as a featured

guest on a host of radio shows including Success in Stilettos, The Nicole Mason

Show, Play Time Is Over Radio Show, Stress Less Radio, and No Turning Back.

She has served as a featured speaker at the Cheryl Wood Empowers Play Time

Is Over Women’s Conference 2015 and Women’s Empowerment Luncheon;

Womanpreneur 2015 Conference, The Biggest Comeback Ever Conference, and

a featured keynote speaker for a variety of churches, organizations, corporations,

and high schools.

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Connect With Her On  her Social Media Handles:

Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, & Blab: ReginaRSPeaks

Facebook: Regina Robinson Speaks
Linkedln: Regina Robinson





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