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Hello my name is Shaniece M. Wise and I am a Motivational Speaker, Personal and Business Development Coach, Author and Leader of the “Unstoppable Community TN”. The reason I am contacting you is because after doing research on your organization, Ladies Making Moves, I believe as a motivational speaker, what I speak about and what I teach my clients, would add value to your organization.

My mission is to partner up with organizations likes yours and empower professional women in business to develop and use their gifts, talents and strengths to successfully create a healthy lifestyle of abundant living. As a Personal and Business Development Coach, I teach women how to build successful businesses that will create multiple sources of income, which will allow them to not leave money on the table.

I consider myself an expert in this area, after teaching and motivating others for fourteen years on how to use their God given gifts, talents and strengths. As an entrepreneurs I have achieved much success and I know my purpose is to serve others and help them achieve major success as well.


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Shaniece M. Wise
Personal and Business Development Coach/Entrepreneur/Motivational Speaker &
Author of “Activating Your Gifts”
Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC
Social Media:
Facebook Group: Unstoppable Community TN
Instagram: unstoppableone1
Twitter: ShanieceMWise

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