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Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is a Canadian actress, writer, producer and director.

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is a Canadian actress, writer, producer and director. She is the creative force behind Demure Duchess Pictures, the company that she founded in 2014.

Carolyn began her journey in late 2011 when she decided to explore her creative side. With little experience, she conceived of a character and became the writer, director, producer and star of a one-woman webseries “The Bridget Linden Show”, which first aired on YouTube in February 2012. As of April 2017 she has created 125 episodes, which have over 845,000 views and 1,650 subscribers to her channel.


In 2015, she created her first scripted comedy web series “Danger Pay” set in a small law firm.

Carolyn is the writer, producer and lead actor playing “Michelle Scott”. Michelle is a paralegal

who accepts a job that pays more than usual to work for a bizarre lawyer. She endures his antics

so she can afford to pursue her dreams. The pilot episode was nominated as 2016 Best Pilot by

WebFest Montreal and the series was mentioned by Tubefilter as an “under-the-radar series to

watch”. Episodes 1 – 6 are on YouTube at and on Funny or Die at


In 2016, Carolyn wrote, produced and starred in her first short comedy film “Super Speed Dates” about a group of women who attend a speed dating event and begin to wonder if the men have another side to them. Carolyn is also credited as a “Director in Training” for this short film. “Super Speed Dates” was a Semi-Finalist at the Winchester Short Film Festival (UK), and has been chosen as an Official Selection at High Desert International Film Festival 2017 (Nevada, US), Central Alberta Film Festival 2017 and Super Geek Film Festival 2016 (Florida, US).

Apart from her own creations, in 2016, Carolyn was cast as Canadian Immigration Officer Julie

Denton in “Jindua”, a Bollywood romantic comedy. In 2015 Carolyn landed the role of Chief

Medical Officer “Dr. Victoria Hunter” in “Galaxy Trek – Vulcan: To Boldly Go”, a Star Trek inspired

television series. Carolyn has appeared at various autograph signing sessions at fan conventions

and even has her own trading card as Dr. Hunter.


Carolyn plays “Lindsay” in the first two episodes of “Off Screen” (TV Series) and also was the First

Assistant Director of the pilot episode. She also plays “Nurse Champagne” in the upcoming Herschell Gordon Lewis horror film “BloodMania”.

Carolyn’s creative drive continues to propel her forward with her future projects as an actor,

writer, producer and director, including feature films. She continues to pursue roles in other

productions to fulfill her desire to bring story to life. Carolyn is enrolled in acting, film making and producing apprenticeships.

In the summer of 2015, she had the opportunity to director-shadow on the film “Sir John A” (Short 2015).


In 2016, Women in Film & Television Alberta sent Carolyn to the Banff World Media Festival where she was able to meet with many industry professionals and promote herself and her creations.

Carolyn is an active member of Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA), Women In Film & Television Alberta (WIFTA), Women In Film &Television Vancouver (WIFTV) as well as Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF).

Carolyn worked as a senior paralegal for over 20 years and has completed introductory University courses in both Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Winnipeg.

In 2017 Carolyn became the Celebrity Spokesperson for Auxilia Italia, an international charitable organization that carries out voluntary activities in the field of social-welfare, education, health, and the protection of human rights, including building hospitals, educational centers, and offering microbusiness loans to women. She is particularly drawn to those projects of Auxilia that empower and assist women and children internationally.

Carolyn has attracted international attention with interviews about her career and her bold pursuit of her dreams. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, including losing over 110 pounds and keeping it off for the past two decades. Her optimistic personality and perseverance has endeared her to the public. Carolyn’s down to earth nature, passionate pursuit of her aspirations, and unique sense of humor and creativity have earned her a strong following on social media. She has been featured in online publications, print magazines, talk shows, podcasts and radio shows around the globe.


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