Tonya (Sportzkelz) (@sportzkelz)☆◦。★。◦☆ New Spotlight ☆◦。★。◦☆


Meet: On The Move with SportzKelz radio show @onthemovewithsportzkelz Analysts are Tonya (Sportzkelz) Owner/ Founder, Regina Pendergrass (GinaP) Co-Host, and Eric Ellis (Eze E) Radio Analyst. Tonya (pictured) talks all about sports from a woman’s perspective. Finally, right ladies?! The name SportzKelz is a nickname her friends called her because of her true passion for sports. This radio show has been a 10 year dream in the making that has finally come true with (not struggles) but profound opportunities along the way. “I have encountered major health issues, the passing of my father, working full-time while pursing my Masters in Early Childhood Education, starting a new career as a First Grade teacher, to now the launching of my new radio sports show & taking care of my family. The journey showed me that Strength comes when you step out on Faith and Favor. Once I eliminated the word “struggle” the blessings began. There is nothing I can’t accomplishment if I have Faith and Favor.”


Like many of us she was raised in Columbus and is a die hard Buckeye fan. “Columbus has a great society of ethnicity and is full of growing entrepreneurship as well as economy. I love owning my own business, covering press for sporting events, explaining sports to modern audiences, and meeting new people.” The goal for On The Move with SportzKelz is to be the most vibrant, emerging and relevant service. “One that inspires people to look at sports from different perspectives and capitalizes on rising opportunities to serve our audiences while giving back to my community.” That’s not all– not for this hustling lady–Tonya has bigger plans too. Plans to complete her PHd in Education and take her radio sports show on the road to broadcast at National & local sporting events. We are proud to have Tonya as a role model for all woman in our community. On the Move with SportzKelz is is a new partner with the Columbus Fire Semi-Pro Football Team as there Media Reporter.


Connect With Her At

Instagram/ Facebook: On the Move with SportzKelz
Twitter: @sportzkelz
Periscope: @sportzkelz
Radio Call in line 614-781-0754


  1. I am surprised and honored to be the spotlight for the Blog page. I think back last year when I first launched my sports show I had mixed emotions on how I was going to do this, would anyone like me, would anyone watch etcc. Here I am embarking on my 1 year sports show anniversary all the fear I had I replaced with my two POWER WORDS Faith & Favor. God has open up doors that I know only he could do. Becoming a new entrepreneur in a business that has been around for decades is an uphill battle at times but with each experience I LEARN and GROW from it. My advice to anyone who is stepping out to start their own business DO IT NOW don’t wait be your own BOLD VOICE listen to your heart center yourself around like minded people and GO.

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