Brandi C Shelton(@UCSMG) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


Brandi C Shelton, also known as “B” has dedicated her life to the development of the company Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group. Brandi a native Detroiter, focused on being the developer of dreams. Since Brandi’s younger days she has always been driven to be different. Starting UTILIZE was definitely something different. A graduate from University of Phoenix with a double Bachelor in Business
Management and Administration and 15 years of active experience in a variety of professional settings that continue to add wealth and knowledge to her professional
portfolio. Over her professional career she has been continually blessed with the ability to use strategic initiatives that sharpen organizational focus, while capturing the competitive advantages of organizations.


In addition, her background offers a solid foundation in
planning and executing team strategies that uses unified
goals for true business development while boosting
employee morale and organizational sustainability. Brandi
is known as a hands-on leader with a skill sets that develop
teams with mentoring skills which enhance business
infrastructure and retain employee focus on work life
She created the mantra of what this organization needed to
build their focus towards big business. One Start, One
Move, One Triumph. A foundation that seeks to build relationships with small and big business
allowing the owners and high level management to understand how to create business savings,
long term marketing plans and vendor relations that sustain the business. She has continued to
set her sights on the unreachable while understanding the importance of prioritizing company
protocols while utilizing quality metrics that outline company guidelines for proven execution of
development models that grow any business.


Utilize is the foundation of growing dreams of Sole Proprietors/CEO’s by working side by side
with them to see the business from the inside. Over the last ten years, she has continued to be the
go to person that see obstacles faced by so many and develop the right way to overcome them.
Her awards and certificates Notary Public /Parthenon Winner 2010/Double-Digit
Dominator/Above and Beyond awards. With Nonprofit work: as a member of DYP (Detroit
Young Professionals). She continues to drive for the ability to leave them speechless. She carries
the Mantra statement “One Start, One Move, One Triumph” everyday to drive the goals
necessary to grow a business. In essence, just like everyday ready to take the world on with
every drop in me so I can see the promise land.


Connect with her at this social media outlets

Twitter: @ucsmg
Instagram: @ucsmg and Brandi’s Principles

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