Jasmine Shari (@bourgeois_poet ) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

17799212_725951314229863_5832516317972294153_nJasmine Shari was born and raised in Southern California where she was introduced to music and literature at a very early age. After searching hard for her niche between the two, two novels and three poetry books later, she decided to take on performance poetry mixed with soulful acoustics, hip hop and strong background vocals.


Her vision of creating a more mainstream segue of spoken word into the Hip Hop
community has provided a distinctive sound and interesting approach to storytelling.


Her written work can most commonly be found via amazon in both print and eBook format. She is currently working
on an audio project which will soon be available through streaming resources such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play
and much more!


“I knew [From the Inside Out] was going to put me in a trace from the moment the author announced its release…”
“…You will certainly end up somewhere different after reading [etymology & epilogues] than where you were once
you started. Impressive to say the least.”



 Jasmine Shari Contact Info:

Email : artisticrevoltmgmnt@gmail.com
Instagram: thebourgeoispoet
Facebook: The Bourgeois Poet
Twitter: @bourgeois_poet
Website: https://jasmineshari.wordpress.com/
Management; P. Owens:
*Jasmine is available for speaking engagements, interviews and appearances. Please contact management for

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