Dr. Aikyna Finch (@DrADFinch) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight

Author, Broadcaster, Coach, Educator, Podcaster, Speaker


Dr. Aikyna D. Finch is a Podcaster, Social Media Coach and Speaker. She is a Forbes Coaches Council Member and coaches in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media from her company Finch and Associates LLC. She is the co-host of the Motivate Social Podcast broadcasted by her company Changing Minds Online. She is a speaker on the topics of Motivation, Education and Social Media and is an avid Live Streamer on these topics. She is also the Founder of the Scope Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she help new livestreamers get used to the platform through the vehicle of Pass the Casts. She also coaches and trains on social media for individuals and groups. She can be found at DrADFinch on all Social Media Platforms.



Dr. Finch is also an Educator and Author. She received a Doctorate of Management, MBA in Technology Management and Executive MBA from Colorado Technical University. She has a Masters of Management in Marketing Management from Strayer University and Batchelors in Aeronautical Technology in Industrial Electronics from the School of Engineering of Tennessee State University. Her teaching includes business, leadership, marketing, social media and information systems at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Finch has several publications in business and education. She has published and presented on topics related to youth and adult education, social media, and job search.


Dr. Finch is the Co-Author of six books and launched her solo project, Motivation Ignited in November of 2016. She is a Contributor for the Huffington Post, Goalcast, Forbes, Shine Now Magazine and BlogHer Social Influencer. She has been interviewed and featured on Huffington Post, Hello Beautiful, Blog Talk Radio, and many others. She has spoken on many platforms to include: Periscope Summit, Women In Leadership Summit, The Boldly Empowering Entrepreneurs Conference, The Business Vlog Summit and many more!

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Website: http://aikynafinch.com



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