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Nikita W is the CEO & Founder of She’s Mixed, LLC.

She is a mother, wife and aspiring business woman. After completing her B.S.W and working in the field for a few years, she decided she would be much happier owning her own business which would allow her more time raising her children.


Nikita created She’s Mixed (Women’s Apparel) in early 2016. Her brand allows women to customize and express their nationally/ethnicity with a chic urban twist. Her brand is more than just clothing it’s a message for women to show unity amongst women across the world.

pinkbackground pic

We are representing our culture, our identity and values. Her mission for the company is to provide help and bring awareness to many crisis issues affecting women across the globe. Nikita is currently organizing her first charity event called “She’s Giving” for women and newborns in Uganda. She along with volunteers will be assembling Clean Birthing Kits and blankets/cap for two organization she has recently partnered with. She plans on expanding the brand, with men and children items.

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