Maxine Davis (@maxinedavis) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight


Maxine Davis is a 27 year old Singer/Songwriter/Reiki Master, who also owns a healing Crystal jewelry shop. ( Growing up in a small town in Texas never discouraged her from pursuing her goals.


She has gone on to sing at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, as well as, television shows like: “The John Kerwin Show” and “MTV’s Copycat”. Her first single off her EP is titled “Paradise”(now available on Itunes).


Paradise came to be in 2015 when she needed some uplifting. Instead of looking out for gratification, she decided to look within. Through this song, and all of her music, she hopes to radiate love and empowerment to her listeners as they continue on their unique journeys.

Connect With Her On
Instagram: @sheis.maxine
Twitter: @maxinedavis

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