Gina Bliss (@ginabliss)☆◦。★。◦☆ New Spotlight ☆◦。★。◦☆ #June


I am a published model (Rare Royalty Magazine, Inked Barbie Magazine, and Noir Magazine).  I am also an official model for Noir Magazine. I have my own promotions company (Bliss Promotions).  We offer high quality images taken by a published photographer.  I  have graphic designer on staff who will add your brands logo to the images we shoot for you.


We also advertise on our social media accounts and submit the images for possible publication to various magazines.  The goal is to gain maximum exposure for your brand. If would like to work with someone who’s going to treat your project with professionalism you have come to the right place!


I have promoted for clubs, bands, bars, clothing companies, tattoo shops and conventions, jewelry companies, and more recently a hair salon, yoga studios and fitness brands. You can see all of my work with photographers and various clients on my Instagram account (@ginabliss).


Aside from promoting I am interested in doing all genres of photography aside from nude. I am based out of New York. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to shoot with me or if you need someone to promote for you. I am always looking to expand my portfolio so  I would love to collaborate with other models and artists as well. I am now a member of the Twisted Angel models group



Connect With Gina Bliss at

Instagram: @ginabliss

Model Mayhem:

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