Youniq love (@YOUNIQLOVE) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight #September2018


Hi ,

My name is Tanea , I’m a young entrepreneur from Johnstown,Pa. I’m a single parent and just determined to be successful. However not only an entrepreneur but a music artist, chef,and philanthropist in my community. Better yet a triple threat . Tanea the artist my stage name is Youniq. I came up with the name because I’m totally aware of who I am, I don’t look like everyone else or sound lime everyone else , I can only be myself. I am Youniq. I have a few singles on soundcloud and they will be attached to this email , tanea the entrepreneur i am the owner of Nae’s Kitchen which I prepare delicious homeamade food.
Coach Tee during the day I serve in my community at the one of the biggest public schools. Mentoring students and challenging them to be the best they can be. Having over a decade of experience in each category , 2k18 has been nothing but amazing! Youniq Glow up ft msb has 4800 spins on SoundCloud. Has performed all summer long , working on several new projects,
Nae’s kitchen won a radio show cook off and moving forward as being established as a business. And Tanea has made a huge impact to the community. With a great line up of new projects 2k19 will be a treat for sure.
My personality future goals are to open up for a national recording artist, have my own business, and be a positive force in the life of the youth. In my free time I like to play sports , write music and model.
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