KOTTEN KANDY OF THE (@AIRITOUTSHOW) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight #December2018


Lovingly known as Kotten Kandy on the airwaves, Lorene Martinique is Co-CEO and Owner of AIR IT OUT SHOW LLC. Lorene Martinique graduated with honors from her High School, then went on to obtain an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Essex County College, and a B.A. from Rutgers University in Television and Media, with a minor in Social Work. It is her desire to catapult the Airitoutshow Platform into a convergence of Media, Music, and Main stream Markets ,while maintaining it’s unique Underground reach.


L.M. has had leading roles in the Stage plays Poor Girl Rich Girl, A Piece of Me,You Can Run But You Can’t Hide, Love’s Gonna Get Ya, Church Folks, Paradise Gained,Cooking in Yesterday’s Grease, Best Kept Secrets, and Looking For Love; and Independent film and Web series, such as God is Calling, Apiece of Me, Thug Life, Bum Rush, and the life saving project entitled “Love Sex and Choices”. The project was the brain child of Dr. Rachel Jones who assembled a team to bring the stories of Urban women to video. Those discussions helped usher in the dialogue later tweaked by Lorene Martinique and several other team members.This project gave Lorene Martinique the opportunity to Cast, Write, and Co Direct several scenes alongside Director Alan Roth. She is proud to say that this wasn’t a “GIG” this was an opportunity to work with a grassroots effort to give women a voice often ignored.”  She is forever humbled by the chance to make a difference in the lives of viewers and participants with her work as an Actress, Writer, Voice over artist, and Director in several projects.


Her voice-over work was a great transition in her promotional grass roots efforts to advertise for companies such as DTF radio,  Sarfmradio, Every day Radio, Body Language Productions, Stuart Films , and Artists under every branch , especially the underdogs of the East and West coasts. Currently Co-host and Owner of AIRITOUTPRODUCTIONS LLC the “AIRITOUTSHOW” has been in existence for 6 years. A webradio movement, YouTube, and new cable show  the works. She is an Actor Writer, Voice Over Guru, Producer, and Promotion and Advertiser enthusiast. She has the ability to think quick on her toes and with the team she is apart of which represents Music, Video, and Film she feels the Airitoutshow provides a unique platform that can reach every branch of the Entertainment Industry. Never fond of revealing all the names she has worked with she is always super impressed by their loyalty, huge hearts, and ability to give the AiritoutshowSquad partnerships with their Brand


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