Si’Yir Royale (@siyirroyale) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight #Sept2019

Introducing SI’YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), an award winning 23 year old Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City. Teamed and signed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on her way to stardom.
What sets Si’Yir Royale apart from others is her uncanning ability to sing and rap with the best of men along with her super-creative, seemingly second-nature skill as a songwriter. Currently, Si’Yir and FYU-CHUR are in the lab crafting
a unique and creative sound that will impact music and comfortably cross between Rap, R&B & Pop genres at the highest level. SO GET READY!!
Her debut album “HEIR” can be describe as a gumbo of sounds, styles and genres ranging from: Soul/R&B, Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Experimental and more. The project is recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by FYU-CHUR at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio. In less than 2 years, the work they have created has been highly praised by celebrities and music executives such as: T-Pain, Ashley Reid of Epic Records [also daughter of L.A. Reid], Kiko (A&R of Artist Publishing Group), Che Vicious (Vice President of Kanye West’s Good Music). Si’Yir has performed at several different venues over the past year throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Her hit single ‘MAD’ placed #1 on Lawton’s local station, 97.9 (formally known as K98). The song gained many views on YouTube and nominated her for 6 music awards and winning her two of six at the annual 97.9 Perry Broadcasting Communications Award show. Currently Si’Yir and FYU-CHUR are hard at work in the studio and getting ready for her next project and also are currently doing festivals and shows throughout the U.S.

Connect With Her At Her Social Media links:
Website (EPK):
Contact 405-476-5116 or
Twitter: Check out Si’yirRoyale (@siyirroyale):
Spotify verified artist: https://open.spotify.


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