Shardi’ Johnson (@prettybigdeal_ceo) New ☆◕‿.◕☆Spotlight #Feb 2020

My name is Shardi’ Johnson I am CEO/Founder of PrettyBIGDeal. I am a 33 year old single mother of 3. Originally from Chester pa. But now reside in Newark, De.
PrettyBIGDeal is a movement that I formed from my birthday photoshoot. I have always been a plus size woman who has had issues embracing herself. I said I wanted to do something different that would empower, uplift and motivate other women like me.

So I chose to do a photoshoot. I made a post on my Facebook page asking plus size women to comment if they wanted to be apart of my PrettyBIGDeal photoshoot. 15 ladies asked to be apart 12 showed up to the photoshoot. None of these women knew each other. They all came together helped each other with hair, clothes and were encouraging words each other that day. I said mission accomplished. I informed the ladies that this was just the beginning. It’s time for us to step out of the box. I gave them my story of when there was a time I felt very ugly because of my weight and I have to have a reality check and I realized I was a PrettyBIGDeal. After that a sisterhood was formed and now we do performances, speak at events, model you name it we do it! Me and my ladies were recently in Ashley Stewart’s in store fashion show with Tiffany Gosa Flamer (Ms. Ashley Stewart 2018). My motto is Collaboration over Competition there is no need to compete my goal is to make sure that all my sisters are winning. 

Women that don’t know each other getting along isn’t normal. I broke that statistic and have proven that women of different sizes, complexions and all walks of life can come together for a cause, build a sisterhood and change lives. I am doing just that. I have so many other things I want to implement which we are now working with the youth to show them they are a PrettyBIGDeal no matter what size they are. Body positivity is important it’s one of the main reasons children are bullied and even adults dealing with self esteem. Through my movement my goal is to change the way the world has viewed the not in crows for so long. We dare to be different in all we do. I hope by the pictures attached you can grasp a hold of my vision.

Connect With Shardi Johnson


Instagram: prettybigdeal_ceo

Facebook: Shardi’ Johnson 

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